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Q: How will CRT lower workers' compensation costs?

A: CRT technology is designed to test prospective workers to determine if they can physically perform the job demands for which they are actually being hired, before they are hurt doing the actual job. The tests are scientifically accurate and legally defensible.
Q: Why does CRT use isokinetic testing?

A: Since the 1960's, isokinetics have been the most used testing medium to determine functional safety and outcomes. CRT then adds its pure formula for full body functional determination. Isokinetics is the most objective and safest medium for testing, as well.
Q: Why is the CRT test the best on the market today?

A: When CRT was started, its board of directors coordinated with some of the country's foremost scientists in biomechanics and physical therapy, medical clinicians and legal counsel to formulate procedures that are specific and accurate in determining human function. The resulting proprietary protocols are under continuous evaluation by scientists at Southwest Missouri State University. Procedures were developed by clinicians to ensure ease of testing and proper application, while attorneys have created a non-discriminatory process to protect everyone involved in the testing process. CRT uses the most advance state-of-the-art equipment available. The CRT ET 2000 dynamometer measures joint forces directly from the test equipment's drive shaft, rather than indirectly from oil pressure within the dynamometer, as with other isokinetic testing competitors. This ensures a much higher level of test accuracy with less than 1% error rate. No other equipment matches this testing accuracy. Its scientific formula was developed using the latest research in validity testing.
Q: How long does a test take to administer and receive results back?

A: A new-hire or retirement test takes 15 minutes to administer, and the results are returned to you in less than one minute. A return-to-work test takes one hour to administer, and the results are returned to you usually in less than 24 hours.
Q: If my company uses your test and I have legal or medical questions, who do I turn to?

A: CRT is the only company of its kind that is managed by medical professionals. It has, as a resource, a committee of medical, legal, and scientific professionals that are available to answer any questions that arise. Therefore, a medical professional would talk medicine, and an attorney would talk law.
Q: Is it that important to do an objective test, or is a subjective test adequate?

A: CRT prides itself on ensuring that every step and procedure is purely objective. Objectivity in testing is the only way you are protected should there be a legal challenge. Also, a subjective test will never give you truly accurate outcomes.
Q: Who does the testing if my company uses your service?

A: CRT is developing an extensive network of providers throughout the nation. Considering that CRT is the only isokinetic testing company that manufactures and warranties its own equipment, its network is expanding weekly. CRT will find a provider in your area. For large volumes of testing at one site, a machine right in your location might make the most sense. Call our office to discuss this alternative. Either way, it is CRT's responsibility to find a testing location to suit your needs.
Q: How do I sign up to test using CRT?

A: Call our office or e-mail us. Please see the CONTACT US section of this site.